Presenter Logistics


Presenter's laptop and projector, bandwidth requirements

We provide a presenter's laptop with an Internet connection. The Internet connection can be slow in some meeting rooms. If a slow Internet connection will cause problems for your presentation, let us know at least a week in advance so that we can provide a solution. We recommend that you test your demonstration using the UCSFwpa wireless setup. All of the conference rooms that we schedule have a projector.

PowerPoint Decks

Email your PowerPoint presentation to [email protected] by noon of the day of the presentation and bring a copy to the meeting on a USB flash drive to upload onto the presenter's laptop.


Speak into the podium microphone to assure that the live and remote audiences can hear you.

Podium Position

Stay positioned behind the podium since the camera and microphones are oriented to the podium.

Restate audience questions

Restate the live audience questions for the benefit of the remote audience.

Presentation Guidelines

Make sure you read our presentation guidelines.