Steering Committee

Edel Alon, Chair, Budget Resource Management

Mark Bering, UCSF IT, Infrastructure

James Cundiff, Clinical Systems, Ancillary Applications

Marlon Lee, Radiology IT

Robert Turbyfill, Student Information Systems

Kristan Beynon, UCSF IT Security and Policy


Tech Forum would like to recognize and appreciate the enormous contributions the following individuals have given in their role as Steering Committee Chair.


Brian Auerbach, Communication/Tech Manager
Patrick Phelan, UCSF IT, Security and Policy
John Kealy, UCSF IT, Customer Services
Dan Freeman, Campus Life Services, Business & Administrative Services
John McWalter, UCSF IT, Field Services
Peter Stampfer, UCSF IT Quality Assurance
Pranathi Sundaram, Radiology IT
Toby Barber, UCSF IT
Ray Cheung, UCSF IT, Field Services 
Judy Evind, Staff to IT Governance
Frank Farm, School of Pharmacy
Fred Fermin, Diabetes Center
Aaron Gannon, Diabetes Center
Tiki Maxwell, OAAIS - EIS
Rebecca Nguyen, OAAIS - CSS former Chair 2007-2009
Michael Quirk, School of Medicine ISU
Amy Rosenhaus, Medical Center IT
James Tran, School of Nursing
Richard Trott, Library - Systems Group
Erik Wieland, Department of Medicine - IT Services
Lorren Ramirez, Network Architecture and Security
John Gingrich, School of Medicine SFGH Dean's Office - Computing & Network Services
Crichton Kittredge, Medical Center IT - Customer Support Center
Brad Dispensa, Department of Anesthesia - Center for Cerebrovascular Research and Institute for Human Genetics